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Are Cigarettes Addictive?

As a practicing hypnotist for over 40 years I have my own opinion on this subject.

I have helped hundreds of clients stop smoking in just one session! How is this possible if cigarettes are an addiction? It is the nicotine that is claimed to be the addiction in cigarettes but I have found that it isn't the nicotine that is the issue it is the habits that the clients have made that are attached to the cigarettes. For instance they want to smoke when they first wake up in the morning. Or they decide they need to smoke when they have a cup of coffee, or after dinner or maybe when they answer a phone call or ... They have attached a link between what they do and when they smoke. Habits are kept in the subconscious part of the mind. Hypnosis works with the same part of the mind that the habits are stored. This makes the ability to stop smoking with hypnosis so successful. Nicotine is only stored in the body for 72 hours which means if you don't smoke for 72 hours you no longer have nicotine in your system. So why do people quit for a week or a month and then start again? It's the habit! If you have struggled with trying to quit, now is the time to use hypnosis to end the cycle of habits you have formed that has been keeping you connected to the unhealthy habit of smoking. Just think how much money you would save as a non smoker. Just think how much healthier you would be as a non smoker. Just think how many more years you could add to your life as a non smoker. Maybe it's time to take care of yourself and start some new healthy habits. You are worth it!

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