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Transform Your Life For Good with Hypnotherapy

     Cindy has Decades Of Experience

               She Has Changed Thousands of Lives With
a Rapid & Proven Approach
head shot wiith green eyes - cd

                         Reprogram your mind and get your life back on                                       track!

Change your old tapes from the past and set yourself free from anxiety and  pain.

Sometimes we are faced with challenges that hinder our ability to move forward in our lives. These obstacles can feel suffocating and seem impossible to overcome. Are you suffering from a Toxic Relationship, Break-up or Divorce, Anxiety, Fears, Stress, or Trauma? What do you want to let go of? Cindy's style of Clinical Hypnotherapy will empower you to overcome obstacles, see things differently and find inner peace.

 “Who do you need to be, so you can be happy?

Life is too short to suffer!”


Please call for a free consultation: move forward with your issues resolved! Online clinical sessions are as effective as in-person sessions.

Cindy is a 5-Path Practitioner which puts her in the top 1% of hypnotist in the country. She has many other certifications such as working with Cancer, PTSD, Stroke victims, Anxiety, Trauma, Smoking Cessation and more. She has worked side by side with doctors to help their patients with addiction and anxiety issues.  She has volunteered for cancer camps to help survivors  overcome side effects of chemo and lower anxiety. She has worked with all ages from children to geriatrics. Cindy has previously performed stage hypnosis all over the country, written a weight loss program and ran hypno-fitness camps. She is ready to help you!

One of many...Testimonials

Dear Cindy,
 Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help! The sessions that I have spent with you have instilled in me the confidence to make healthy decisions that are truly right for me. I have never felt so capable of accomplishing my goals, especially the goal of losing weight, and finally taking control of my life. I am surprised that hypnosis is such an easy and immediate way to change the way that a person thinks. For the first time, in a long time, I am excited about the life that I will be living!

Lori S.

How *Effective is Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis?

*American Health MAGAZINE Hypnotherapy Study February 12 2007


                  38% Recovery after 600 sessions (MOST EXPENSIVE)


              Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

          72% Recovery after 22 sessions (EXPENSIVE)

            Clinical Hypnotherapy

              93% Recovery after 6 sessions (BEST VALUE)

Hypnosis Just Works!

Quickly resolve common issues such as:

Anxiety/Panic Attacks                   Alcohol Issues                             Anger
 Breakups / Divorce                       Confidence                                  Depression
 Insomnia                                          Fears & Phobias                         Negative Thoughts
Procrastination                                Toxic Relationships                  Smoking
                                                             Weight Loss

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