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Hypnosis Sessions

There are choices when it comes to hypnosis sessions. You can listen to mp3's once a day for 28 days. Or you can have an online session for instant change. Both are very effective.  You get to choose what would work best for you.

Hypnosis Sessions

At Hypnosis Just Works you have three choices to help you make the changes you want to make. You can schedule an online session where Cindy will connect with you via FaceTime, Google Duo, Zoom, Skype or any other way necessary to work with you while in the privacy of your own home. This allows you to have your sessions without having to drive to a destination for the session. Online sessions are just as powerful, just as healing as if you were in her office. You will need to prepare by making sure there will be no distractions ahead of time. Having a place for your pets to be, turning off your phone ringer and making sure you have a good wifi connection. Let Cindy do the rest! ​

Once relaxed Cindy will work with you to help change whatever it is that you need help with. After the session you will be amazed that you were aware of everything going on and it was actually a wonderful experience that brings a sense of calm and understanding into your life.

You can purchase the self-hypnosis mp3's and listen to them for 28 days or longer whenever you would like. You must never listen to them while driving a car or when or need to be awake and alert. These mp3's are great ways to slowly change your old behaviors into new behaviors depending on the mp3 you choose. Just go through the choices and pick one or a few and begin to change your life for the better. ​

Now all you have to do is call and schedule your appointment!
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